Why living with your best friend as new flatmate is a better choice

Why living with your best friend as new flatmate is a better choice

Isn’t the idea of living with your best friend, as new flat mate sounds crazy?

Seems like just the thing you need in your life, you can have fun with them 24*7. As you already know each other so things become bit sorted and easy to handle in such scenario, which becomes a difficult task to accomplish when one starts sharing his/her apartment with a total stranger. After a hectic work schedule at office or a tiring day at college, it feels good to have a familiar face around when you come back to your flat. Less time is wasted in knowing your flat mate’s interests and requirements, as you already understand each other very well. Let’s look at some roomie guidelines and stick to them to keep the friendship going-

  • You have probably had numerous sleepovers and get together before you think of living together so communication won’t be a problem. You   already have an idea of how the other person actually lives and you don’t have any problem with the same.
  • Inviting friends overyour place won’t be a problem as being best buddies; you might have lots of mutual friends. If the idea of flat party doesn’t seem great then set up a roomie night where you drink your favorite wine while watching a good movie.
  • Harsh words won’t offend your flat mate as they know your good and bad moods, instead they will try to cheer you up. Don’t let little things bother your friendship but sort problems if any before blurting it out in front of someone else.
  • Being best friends doesn’t mean you are allowed to intervene in each other’s privacy and use their stuff without permission as it may end up in conflicts and pangs of hatred. It’s better to be courteous if you wish to continue your friendship.
  • To avoid any sort of miscommunication and tiffs, lay down ground rules during the initial days only. Who will be doing what work must   be clearly defined on a piece of paper while respecting each other’s needs and work schedule.
  • Best part of living with your best friend is you got to use their stuff like clothes, make up, perfume and etc.
  • Caring and sharing is the cornerstone of your relationship. During days of illness, you will feel safe with your best friend around. They will always lend an ear to your problems and will provide valuable suggestions during the need of hour.

Things become easier, funnier and happier especially when you do them with your best friends. They’ve seen you through good times and bad, so whatever happens they will always be your side.

“Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing.” – Elie Wiesel

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