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Environmentally friendly ways to clean your apartment

A clean home is a happy home. Imagine you coming back home from a hectic work schedule and find your house a total mess with all your things lying here and there, kitchen filled with unwashed utensils and a layer of dust on the floors. EEWW No one would be pleased if welcomed by such scenario. Want a clean kitchen? Want a clean home? And you don’t have enough time to buy those branded expensive cleaning products from your nearby departmental stores. No worries, let’s pay [...]

Everything you need to throw an awesome house party

Everything you need to throw an awesome house party

A house party is basically an excuse to meet your old friends and have ultimate fun. Best part of having house parties is that everything from guest list to music will be of your choice. But with great fun comes a huge responsibility of keeping every detail on place with no space for errors. Hosting a house party where everyone leaves the place with smiling and joyous faces can be a challenging task but not impossible. Here is a list of [...]

Renting/buying an Apartment in Gurgaon

Things to consider when moving in together with your partner

Moving in together with your partner before marriage is becoming a common trend in almost all parts of the country and sounds like a magical fairy tale as you can stay together 24*7 and spend good time while trying to adjust with other’s lifestyle and living habits. As you already know each other so things become bit sorted and easy to handle. After a hectic work schedule at office, it feels good to see your partner smiling at you when [...]

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