Set up your space for work from home

Set up your space for work from home

Work from home comes with array of benefits. No commute, no long working hours, flexibility of setting your own schedule and above all no hovering heads to see if you are working or not, you’re your own boss. So now put an end to your everyday struggle of what to wear and how to commute to the office but wait wait.

Even setting up a home office is not as easy as it sounds. So Here’s how you can set up your space for work from home. Keep following!

Start with crafting a list of the things you would be needing to set your very own new office. Things like xerox machine, bundle of papers, stationery, etc. The list will give you a direction to take the first step and will actually make your work simpler. Not to forget, you will end up saving a lot of your time.

Take a trip to every room of your house and see where there’s minimum noise without any unwanted distractioms. Figure out what noises can be controllable and make attempts to reduce that. Don’t even think of mixing up your private and office life during operational hours as it will hamper your producitivity to a great extent. Work from home surely gives you a benefit to relax on your favourite couch while working but don’t get distracted with things aroundwork to the utmost dedication.

You don’t want your home office to be boring, right?
Use Pinterest and browse for inspiration to give your office a new outlook. Room colors directly influence one’s mood and thought process so choose wisely as each color has a different psychological value. Decide upon the right color for the wall, it shouldn’t be too light as it will make you feel drowsy and dull nor should be too dark to give gloomy vibes. Instead of keeping your walls bare, framed art will be a great idea to spice up the space.Along with the aesthetics, your office should be comfortable too. Get yourself a really comfortable chair and desk without burning a hole in your pockets. Old cupboardscan be renovated to make safe space for your files.

Choose a space for your office that allows plenty of natural light. Natural light is the cheapest way to brighten up any drab space and make it look illuminated.Use floor or table lamps to lighten the space in the late evening or at night. Dark rooms or nook and corners create dullness and push you to fall asleep in a click while making you feel lazy all day long whereas right amount of light spreads happy vibes. So,The brighter, the happier.

How about adding some nice green plants and bring in life to your home office?
The very sight would be really soothing and will make you feel fresh the entire while.

Step up your game by getting a professional phone number and install a separate phone line for the same. This will help you to keep a track of your clients.

Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love. – Nate Berkus

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