Rented Home or Paying Guest_Choice is Yours,Hunt will be Ours

Rented Home or Paying Guest_Choice is Yours,Hunt will be Ours

Homes and PGs For Rent in Gurgaon

Rented home or paying guest_choice is yours,hunt will be ours : Hanging Keys

There is a rapid surge in the trend of paying guest and rented homes that is running super fast in today’s market with the ongoing rush of individuals opting to study or work outside their hometowns. Due to the constant influx of migrant population in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, the real estate Bonanza is not surprising. Be it for the purpose of study or your first day at job, making the choice between PG and rented homes is becoming a major concern.

Let’s hunt for the key differences between PG and rented homes to make your decision bit sorted and easy.

  • Rented house is a sort of another name to convenience, which implies that whole space is given to occupant, not shared by many whereas in PG, occupant is just given a part of the house with predefined rules and regulations to follow. Rented homes make you feel like your own home where convenience and space is given to you in return of lease, the inhabitant needs to pay to the landowner.
  • Like PGs where in most of the cases, either landowner lives with you in another room or stays in the building next to yours, always reminding you of the guidelines you need to walk on but in rented homes, the proprietor does not remain with the occupant and in this way, the freedom of the inhabitant is totally kept up.
  • Pg is not for those who desire for huge personal space to keep their stuff around as you get a confined area to live in.
  • If you are a working individual then rented homes is the best option for you. Today’s job life demands for sheer patience blended with dogged hard-work which would be hard to execute in PG life due to disturbances created by PG mates and landowners.
  • Best part of living in rent-based flats is you get freedom to invite your friends and party all night. Independency of inviting guests anytime of the day crawls in the scenario of rented homes because in PG, playing loud music while you dance your heart out with your friends might let you getting kicked out.
  • The major pain bounces in the process of brokerage. People have to pay broking charge of full one-month rent or more which makes your living expensive for no reason, thus many home renting service providers are rushing in the market to save home seekers from the chaotic process of brokerage.

One such provider is HANGING KEYS that helps people find space of their own choice seamlessly without indulging in any cumbersome process like brokerage.  They aim to leave an indelible mark in the real estate industry in INDIA. They are equipped with well-trained consultants and tech minds to serve you the best considering the best managed homes on rent.

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