Let’s decorate your little apartment with best of the ideas

Let’s decorate your little apartment with best of the ideas


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Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love. – Nate Berkus

Live with what you love. So, when you have rented the apartment, which doesn’t look so colorful and enticing with walls painted in dull white-beige colors, kitchen with minimum of elements, bare walls all around with no hangings or paintings, living in such a place becomes a tough task. Even if you aren’t planning on living in that place for long doesn’t mean you shouldn’t redesign the walls. Make each day more fun and exciting by decorating your place with the things you admire.

Let’s make this dull rental apartment the home of your dreams by embellishing each wall with the things that rightly reflects your personality.

  • You can bring a huge change in the overall interior look of the apartment by painting the walls in your most loved colors. Room colors directly influence one’s mood and thought process so choose wisely as each color has a different psychological value. Light colors like white or sky blue make the area looks larger and airy whereas dark colors are used to give sophisticated and warm vibes. In case of not getting permission from your landlord, even a little splash on few walls with the colors that can be easily removed will be great idea.
  • When option of painting the walls is not in the list, adding curtains of your most loved colors to the room will be a good idea to make it look better and lively.
  • To add freshness to the space, buy some new furniture that could be easily fit in without burning a hole in your pockets. Placing colorful beanbags in the lobby area could bring some exciting and energetic vibes.
  • Give your place the home like feeling by sticking few family photographs on the walls of your room. Attaching a string of lights to the collage of your photographs could turn out a great idea to give your room a whole new look.Book Apartments,Villas and Flats on Rent,Gurgaon
  • Play with reusable stickers by sticking your favorite cartoon characters on the cabinet fronts or on the fridge doors. Turn every ordinary looking wall or shelf into a fun thing by placing colorful stickers on them.
  • Bring in life to your rented apartment by placing few plants as they totally change the atmosphere of the place, making it fresh and soothing. Going eco-friendly with your place is never a bad idea.
  • Adding lights is the cheapest way to brighten up any drab space and make it look illuminated. Be it in the form of floor lamps or chandelier or table lamps.
  • Once the walls and cupboards of your place are done, don’t forget to buy some quirky, vibrant colored pillows that will act as an accessory to your couch.

Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story. – Erin Flett

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