Ideas to set a date night at your rented apartment

Ideas to set a date night at your rented apartment

Getting all dolled up and going out for a date is too mainstream. How about setting up a date night in your apartment and making it even more special? It won’t only save up to your hassle of going to a restaurant after getting through long hours of traffic but will also save some handsome amount of money spent on eating out.

Here are some tips on How to Plan a Great Date Night in Your Apartment.


The first and the foremost thing would be to give the apartment a real clean before you have your date over. Fresh and sweet smelling flowers all over your place will give your date a lot more romantic touch. Make sure that you keep all the non-required things in a store as it will make your apartment appear even bigger. Putting some fresh flowers in a vase would also be a great idea and would add up to the aura of the place.


Time to bring out that master chef in you. Cook a fancy dinner together with your partner’s most loved delicacy on plate. It can be a lot more fun and romantic,Cooking while having sweet conversations will give you something to start off your date. Besides, a little wine with great food is always a good idea. Have few candles lit up on the table and experience the lovely vibes candlelight dinner. Click glasses while cheering to your sweet relationship and enjoy your hand made meal together.


Have some nice romantic movies already picked because you would not want to waste your time in picking and choosing movies. Set up a projector and watch your chosen movie up there on the wall with some crunchy popcorns and soft drink by your side while curling up into each others arms and enjoy the show all snuggled up. You will be able to understand each other much better as it will give you an opportunity to discuss and put forth your views regarding any particular scene or gist of the movie for that matter.


Have a game night together, competition gets sparks flying, so it’s a more romantic idea than it might seem. Such games would serve as the medium to bring you both closer and will make the romantic date night a lot exciting.


Start the night with a good bubble bath in a well arranged warm water filled tub with some nice rose petals floating and some soft music tuning in the background. Sounds great, right? After such a hectic and worries loaded week, a home-spa would surely help you relieve all your stress. What else can be more romantic than giving your partner a nice body message after a good shower.

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