Gurgaon in Rains!

Gurgaon in Rains!

Gurgaon as a city does not experiences any of natural calamities, but rains. Even this aspect of Gurgaon came into notice last year in September, when heavy rains led to around 12 hours of traffic jams.According to reports people were stuck in a one kilometer radius for about 12 hours because of water logging. Now, such problems are a decisive factor when you are zeroing down on your place for rent. No matter what, rain proofing a place before finalizing to live into it is a must. Gone are the days when people used to say that the places where they live are greener and add life to their place. Times have changes and so have the cities. Living in a city where we rain a day can cause turmoil in your life and leaves your daily schedule totally taken aback, and then you need make a clear choice before finalizing a place.

A way, in which you can deal with the rains of Gurgaon, is by rain proofing your apartment. Rain proofing is a measure with which you can make sure that the rains are not going to cause havoc at your home for sure.

The ways in which you can rainproof your apartment is-

1. First and foremost check the roofs – well yes, making sure that your roof is “rain ready.” You should always check for the potential cracks and leakages and have them repaired in advance. Make sure that there is no dump collected on the roof, because they accumulate water and it leads to become the breeding grounds of various insects and mosquitoes.

2. Electric wiring – We all know that what disasters do happen because of electric shocks in monsoon. Check the wirings both internal and external. Make sure that there are no loose endings or there is water leaking at the electrical circuits. Remove all the bulbs and tubes from the open to avoid any mishaps during the rains.

3. Drainage system – A great reason of water logging is clogging of the drainage system. Before the rain commences, make sure that the drainage system is clear and is free from debris.

4. Doors and windows polishing – You would never want your precious doors and windows to be spoiled with the splashes of rains. Rains leave the doors and windows in a swollen condition. The best way to protect your doors and windows by the extremes of the rains is by polishing them. Polishing or waxing the doors and windows prevents the moisture seepage and there is no scope left for rust too.

5. House entrance – When all is sorted, finally you need to check for the entrance of your house. Let’s face it after all being sorted in all other areas of the house; you would never want the entrance to spoil it all. So there are few things that you can take care regarding your house entrance like put a good absorbent door mattress at the door entrance, and one inside. Put an umbrella catcher at door entrance to catch all the water dripping. Also make proper arrangement to put all the footwear at the entrance of your house.

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