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Why living with your best friend as new flatmate is a better choice

Isn’t the idea of living with your best friend, as new flat mate sounds crazy? Seems like just the thing you need in your life, you can have fun with them 24*7. As you already know each other so things become bit sorted and easy to handle in such scenario, which becomes a difficult task to accomplish when one starts sharing his/her apartment with a total stranger. After a hectic work schedule at office or a tiring day at college, [...]

List of legal clauses for any Rental Agreements

When it comes to legal matters, we all tend to shy away from it. We all are into the frame of mind that legal matters would be very complicated and we would not be able to understand them. This little shying away of us from these matters, leads to greater troubles. A little effort of us into matters in the initial stage, can give us a better, easier and stress free life throughout. Legal clauses are primarily made for the [...]

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