Rules for sharing a refrigerator with your flatmate

Rules for sharing a refrigerator with your flatmate

Happiness is only real when shared. Sharing is always fun and helps in building a strong bond between two individuals. It’s a great way to save money as well if you are living in a rented place with few other flat mates. But When it comes to share things with your flat mate, it’s always better to be clear on the rules for using any equipment that neither of you own but use it every single day. To be specific, let’s look at [...]

Quick and easy bathroom decor Ideas - Hangingkeys

Quick and easy bathroom decor ideas

Relax. Refresh. Renew. Tired of walking into your dull painted bathroom with no fun elements and bright lightning? Are your empty bathroom walls painted in boring colors scaring you? We have got some awesome yet simple bathroom decor ideas to bring a colorful change  – Lightening changes the whole outlook of a room and makes it look illuminated and spacious. So start by adding some decent bright lights. Upgrade old bulbs with new fluorescent lights that should complement the painted walls of your [...]

Considering a ground-floor apartments - Here's is what you need to know

Considering a ground-floor apartment – Here’s what you need to know

Apartment hunting is a tough task and decisions taken in hurry always lead to disappointments and unwanted troubles. You must make a list of all your requirements that should be surely taken care of before sealing the deal with landlord. Be sure of what exactly are you looking for. One BHK or two BHK? Furnished or Unfurnished? One such factor that should be considered during your apartment walk-through is whether to go for ground floor apartment or upper floor apartment. Choosing a [...]

Everything a renters needs to know before adopting a pet

Everything a renter needs to know before adopting a pet

Animals do speak, but only to those who know how to listen. Pets are not your whole life but they surely fill the missing gap in the most affectionate way. Ever get the feeling that the only thing missing in your life is a little fury companion to come home to? It might happen many a time when you are drawn to the happy wagging tail of a little pup or little shinning eyes of a furry cat and wish [...]

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