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Cleaning rental apartments in gurgaon

Cleaning checklist of – not so visible – places in your apartment

The trouble with living alone is that it’s always your turn to do the house cleaning. BUT Do you really have any other option? NO, So don’t crib about it but make house cleaning a fun and exciting task. When ‘cleaning your apartment’ thing rolls around, there are a few obvious places like sink, floors that you never forget to clean but unfortunately these aren’t the only areas where dirt and dust can accumulate. There are many other hidden spots like under the [...]

creative decorating tricks for your bed room

Creative decorating tricks for your bed room

                                               Creative decorating tricks for your bed room – Hanging Keys “Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story.”– Erin Flett Looking for some creative ideas to decorate your room this festive season? Is your room so boring that you end up falling asleep in a click the moment you hit the bed? Are [...]

Things to consider before choosing your ideal flatmates

Things to consider before choosing your ideal flatmate

Living in a new city with all unfamiliar faces around is not an easy job and takes a good amount of time in the beginning. One will have to consider a lot of factors before taking any major decision like where to stay, how to travel etc.One such decision is choosing a right flat mate who can make your stay either a sheer bliss or the worst nightmare that never ends. Besides the benefit of expenses being shared between [...]

Apartment hunting tips

Apartment hunting tips

Apartment hunting is never an easy task but requires a good deal of efforts and patience. When renting a new apartment, interiors are surely important and should be thoroughly checked during apartment walkthroughs to avoid any sort of issues during the stay but one should never forget to pay a look at the outside locality as well. Not so pleasant locations can really spoil your apartment renting experience. Is your new apartment close to your workplace? Where is the nearest grocery or [...]

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