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Why living with your best friend as new flatmate is a better choice

Isn’t the idea of living with your best friend, as new flat mate sounds crazy? Seems like just the thing you need in your life, you can have fun with them 24*7. As you already know each other so things become bit sorted and easy to handle in such scenario, which becomes a difficult task to accomplish when one starts sharing his/her apartment with a total stranger. After a hectic work schedule at office or a tiring day at college, [...]

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How to enjoy sundays at your rented apartments?

Today’s busy working individuals eagerly wait for Sundays to come so that they can relax and indulge in some “me time” to energies themselves in order to survive the coming week. The same work schedule doesn’t just get exhausting but boring as well which starts hampering one’s productivity so Sundays clears away the rust of the whole week. Sundays are meant to relax and explore your inner selves while enjoying with friends, aday when no deadlines to be met [...]

When your flatmate belongs to different country

When your flatmate belongs to different country

Living in a new city with all strangers around, places so unfamiliar, no hands to hold, and no shoulders to lean on is a grave task and a difficult mission to achieve especially for those who have started living away from their home and family for the first time. In such a situation, when the fact of sharing the flat with a person who belongs to a different country hits you, the scenario looks a bit scary and pangs [...]

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Let’s decorate your little apartment with best of the ideas

  Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love. – Nate Berkus Live with what you love. So, when you have rented the apartment, which doesn’t look so colorful and enticing with walls painted in dull white-beige colors, kitchen with minimum of elements, bare walls all around with no hangings or paintings, living in such a place becomes a tough task. Even if you aren’t planning on living in that place [...]

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